The EZ Clean Magnorod system is a high strength magnetic tool utilized in drilling operations to capture and remove metallic contaminants from the downhole drilling fluid circulation. It is the most advanced ditch magnet in the world and serves as the only efficient alternative to the standard block magnet design that most drilling rigs use worldwide. The EZ Clean system features a custom engineered frame that is designed to fit the profile of the flow line in which it will be located as well as the EZ Clean Magnorods that secure themselves onto the frame and are removed individually to remove any metal collected. The Magnorod is a very unique design that includes a metallic rod filled with a highly magnetic material. The rod also has a stopper plate and puller handle on top. Once the individual Magnorods are removed from the frame, the operator pulls the handle up which lifts the magnetic material from the bottom of the rod to the top. All collected metal on the rod is caught by the stopper plate and falls nicely into the container of choice. The Magnorods form a grid that covers the width and depth of the flow trough and creates a stronger magnetic field than the standard block magnet. The EZ Clean system is also a far safer option for rig personnel to remove and clean in comparison to the heavier block magnets. The primary benefit of utilizing the EZ Clean Magnorod system is the prevention of rig down time due to important components being damaged by the circulation of hazardous metal. The EZ Clean system can also help in providing accurate measurements of casing wear in real time and help prevent drill pipe erosion.