The Romar Packer Management system (PMS) is an innovative tool that provides continuous monitoring of slip joint packers on semi-submersible rigs and drillships and overshot packers on jack up rigs. The purpose of this system is to prevent any leaking of drilling fluid into the environment in the occurrence of a primary packer failure. In the event of a failure, the PMS system is tripped and automatically inflates the secondary packer system to prevent a leak from occurring as well as send an alert to the rig control room or otherwise specified location. The system will trip if there is a loss of 3 psi or any other trip point that is set. It will also increase the set trip point when the regulator pressure is increased by the operator so that the minimum switch over time is maintained in the event of failure. The system will not decrease the set trip point if the regulator pressure is decreased unless manually overridden. The PMS system has been programmed to recognize a significant number of failsafes and activate upon detection. Any scenario that can be anticipated is covered by the PMS. This system is PLC-programmed and logs the last 1000 events it is asked to perform, which can be informative and beneficial in post incident reporting. The Romar PMS system is fully automated which keeps it fully operational in the case of a power failure.