The Video Ray PRO 4 Offshore ROV System has been specifically configured for Oil & Gas production, discovery, and service organizations to quickly and effectively perform a variety of basic underwater inspection tasks. These cost effective "disposableā€ ROV systems have been proven as invaluable tools offshore, and with pressure on companies to do shallow inspections (300 meters (1,000 feet) or less) more often, more safely, and cost effectively, VideoRays are now in the toolbox or aquisition lists of all major offshore operating or maintenance companies.

System Includes:

P4 ROV Submersible

P4 Control Panel (Monitor Not Included)

Standard Computer With 15 Inch Display

VideoRay Cockpit Control Software Included

Rugged Programmable Hand Controller

Wireless Programmable Hand Controller

Plug and Play Modular Tether:

40m (130 ft) Neutrally Buoyant Performance

152m (500 ft) Negatively Buoyant

Standard Capacity Tether Deployment System

Pelican 1620 Hard Case with Custom Packaging

Basic Tool Kit With Complete Ballast Set

Owners Manual