Deepwater Rental provides complete SIT services. Our NEW 34,000 gallon test tank is equipped with 4 black and white cameras, which are quad recorded, and two color zoom cameras on pan and tilt units. We can provide yard-mounted cameras for recording any lifting or dry deck testing operations.

The Tank Control Room houses the camera control unit and viewing monitors. Digital recorders with still capture, VCR, and DVD recorders are used for recording and documentation of testing procedures. Text overlay can be provided to the video feeds.

Our Video Switching unit allows viewing and recording of each video input on a multitude of destinations and equipment.

Included in the base day rate is dedicated 3000psi Hydraulic Power Unit. Our HPU is equipped with a remote valve station. Both digital pressure and temperature feed back are sent to the control room. Internet, phone, and lunch service are provided daily for clients.

DeepWater can provide on site equipment storage and staging prior to and after completed testing, helping to simplify your logistics.